Duddles Tree Farms

Quality wholesale and retail Christmas trees since 1957

Types of Trees

Fraser Fir


                                 Short-needled tree with stiff branches. 
                                  Very aromatic.
  Blue green in color.

Holds up very well.

Douglas Fir



Medium, soft needles


Holds up well.




Blue Spruce

Short needled with blue or green branches with stiff needles.

Holds up well when kept well watered.

Scotch Pine


Long needles, stiff branched.

Holds up well.

Concolor Fir


              Long, soft needles with stiff branches. 
        Has a citrus smell.  


Holds up well.

All of these trees do well after cutting if they have a fresh cut made on the bottom of the trunk and are put into a sturdy stand where you can keep water on the tree to maintain its freshness.  Each kind of tree has its own length of time it will stay fresh.  Water is the key, preferably hot water.

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