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What are we up to?

Its now our harvest time!

-This is the time of year where all our hardwork of keeping the trees looking beautiful, comes in to play! We begin cutting, baling and tagging our trees for are wholesale customers, then transporting them on our trucks to our loading/shipping yard where they are set in specific piles and areas based on type of tree, size, grade and what plantation they were cut from. This makes it easier for us to direct the semi drivers, who pick up and deliver the loads to the customers, and to know which type of tree will be added to the load per the customers request.

-We also begin cutting our boughs for wreaths, roping and Retail/Wholesale customers. Many of our Wholesale customers buy the boughs to make their own wreaths, roping and other things. We also have many Retail customers who like to buy the bundles for their own decorative uses!

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