Tree Care Suggestions

Before bringing your tree inside, trim 1/4" to 1/2" off the bottom stump.
  This will allow your tree to draw water.  Tree stands without a water dish or bowl should not be used.  Water is necessary to keep your tree from drying out.  Click here to read about the importance of properly sized tree stands.

Spread the tree bag over the tree stand; make a hole large enough for the stump to fit through it. This step is important for hassle-free tree removal later.

Setting your tree into the stand is easier when the plastic tree netting is left on the tree.

After you have secured your tree into a sturdy stand, immediately add hot water to the tree stand.   

Remove the plastic netting.

When placing your tree, do not place it near heat sources or in bright sunlight. 

Be sure to check your Christmas tree lights carefully.  If they are not in good condition, purchase new ones.  We want you to have a safe Christmas!

Now you are ready to decorate and enjoy your Christmas tree.  

Be sure to water your tree daily.

When you are ready to take your tree down, pull the tree bag you placed earlier over the tree stand up and over your tree. The needles will be in the bag and not on your floor! 
Remove the tree stand.  The tree bag will also make it easier to take the tree out of your house/building.

Uses for your tree after it has been taken down:

  • Place it in your yard or field for winter cover for all kinds of animals.

  • Place it in ponds or streams for fish habitat.

  • Turn it into a bird feeder by placing bird food on the branches.

Tree Disposal:

  • Cut the branches off the tree for easier disposal.

  • Take tree to disposal area or drop it off in our retail area.

The importance of a properly sized Christmas tree stand

When purchasing a Christmas tree stand, purchase one not only suited for the height of the tree but also the size of the stump.  You need one large enough to hold the stump without trimming any of the bark off to fit into the stand.  The bark is what allows the water to draw up into the tree.

The larger the tree the more water it uses, so a larger stand is required.

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