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How It All Began


Dick Duddles started Duddles Tree Farms in 1957. 

He began by planting trees for numerous people who later realized that they needed someone to care for them to make them into quality Christmas trees.

Dick began to care for these trees under various types of contracts.

In October 1959, he and Linda were married in Detroit.  She began working along with Dick throughout the years as a family business.

At first we only retailed Christmas trees, starting in Detroit, then in Moline, Illinois and a few years later in Dallas, Texas.

Wholesaling of our trees began in 1960.  Through the years, we have harvested 100,000 trees annually with our largest harvest being 135,000.

Our son Tony is also an active member of the family business.

We have shipped Christmas trees into 25 different states and into Mexico.

Our quality Christmas trees are grown in six different counties in Michigan.

We grow quality Fraser Fir, Douglas Fir, Blue Spruce, Scotch Pine and Concolor Fir.  The types of trees were chosen for their beauty,  long-lasting ability and various fragrances.

Our trees are "bottom pruned" in the field when they reach about 4 ft - 5 ft in height.  This is so they have clean stumps for easier balancing and ease of placing in your tree stand.

Our trees are grown on farm land just like any other crops.  We are not destroying forests. 

Go Green - Buy Real!
  Trees are America's renewable resource.

We are proud members of the  

Michigan Christmas Tree Association

 National Christmas Tree Association

Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association

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